Rental without the owner

The process of rental without the owner allows the guest to arrive, check-in, stay and leave without the direct contact with the owner. There are several options:

  1. The owner is using the messaging system on TripAways and other messages without having the direct contact with guests, while keys can be provided by a representative (the cleaning lady, the manager, the administrator of the hotel etc.), or taken from a special place
  2. The owner has no contact with guests, and all the communication is carried out by a representative, an administrator of the residential complex or by a manager of TripAways.

In all these cases the guests are able to enjoy the same level of comfort as in the case when the owner is staying in the apartment or participates in the booking process.

The majority of travelers prefer renting accommodation without the owner, that’s why almost all the listings on TripAways are offered on this basis, i.e. guests are able to live alone.

According to our statistics, 84% of guests prefer to stay in accommodation without the owner, while 67% of guests don’t care about the responsible person. Many travelers want to live on their own and don’t want the owner to come and check the apartment during their stay. 

renting accommodation without the owner

As a result, more than a half of the apartments and houses on TripAways are offered without the owner, and 35% of them are managed by TripAways Team, allowing the guests to avoid any contact with the owner. In the majority of cases, the professional approach allows reaching the higher level of services and reducing the number of problems.


At the same time, the rental without the owner has its disadvantages:

  1. Without the owner, the guests have fewer chances to discover local traditions and special places
  2. Such rental is more expensive than staying with the owner
  3. Without the owner, it’s hard to solve emergency situations, e.g. fire, robbery and so on.

Thus, each guest is able to choose a specific type of the booking on their own.


The description of the accommodation contains information about the owner and allows understanding if the owner stays with you, or lives somewhere else. In case of doubts, travelers are able to ask the owner before making a booking. Sometimes owners are flexible, and they can move out, or offer various additional services and tours. 

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