Rental in Russia

What should you know about housing booking in Russia?

It’s rather difficult to specify any certain intricate features of housing rent in Russia, on the ground of the existing legal framework, since it mainly describes general regulations.

However, some important things demand our attention, especially those related to booking first steps.

Choosing location

First, when looking through a listing, it’s important to choose the city of stay attentively. The thing is, names of Russian cities often look similar or can even be duplicates. A small inaccuracy in spelling can turn Kirovsk (Northwestern Federal District) into Kirov (Central Federal District). The distance between these two cities is more than 2000 km.

Since we have touched the topic of distances in Russia, the sizes of its regions and other federal subjects should be taken into account too. For example, a wonderful town Vyborg located in the Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) region is far (135 km) from being Saint Petersburg suburb.

Importance of making payments only with TripAways

We need to remind you that our terms forbid any payment methods outside TripAways. Using questionable payment methods, you risk your safety – both financial and personal.

Our service is unable to ensure protection of your information, if you decide to communicate with other users and carry out money transactions outside of TripAways.

You can find out more on this topic in Payments and money transactions section.

Rental agreement

A host can stipulate that signing a rental agreement is needed to make a booking of housing in Russia. But he can require this, only if he pre-notified you about this condition.

If the host informs you about the necessity of signing a rental agreement after your booking was accomplished, you have a right to refuse both signing the agreement and booking the housing (and request booking cancellation).

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