Rules for tenants: Drinking alcohol in accommodation

While posting a listing on TripAways the owner of accommodation is able to indicate if the tenant is allowed to drink alcohol in accommodation and hold noisy events or parties. There’s a special field called ‘house rules’ where the owner can indicate all the restrictions. It’s recommended to pay attention to this field during the booking process in order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.


Our policy about drinking alcohol in accommodation is based on the rule that the majority of damages happens during the events and meetings where participants are offered with alcohol drinks. Financial disputes do usually arise after such parties.


No doubt that the owner won’t say anything in case if you want to spend a romantic evening with your beloved one, or drink a glass of wine after a busy day in the city. This section regulates massive parties and noisy mayhem. Such events are strictly prohibited by TripAways rules and policies.


In case if the tenant infringes the rule, and the owner files a complaint, the violator may be blocked after performing the detailed investigation. In case if such actions resulted in damages to the interior of the apartment, the tenant shall bear the responsibility, and pay for such damages in full.


When drinking alcohol in accommodation can be allowed?

Let’s imagine that you want to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or any other important event with your close relatives. In such case you have to inform the owner in advance, making it clear that you are going to drink alcohol in accommodation without making a lot of noise and mayhem. The majority of the owners will be happy to host you, knowing that the deposit will cover any damages, which may arise.


Some owners offer apartment and villas with bars and alcohol, which are a great bonus for the tenant. Such owners have no problems with alcohol intake, but they may be against noisy parties. That’s why you always need to discuss such events in advance. In case if the owner refuses to allow you such celebration, you need to think about going to a café or a restaurant.


TripAways shall not ban the drinking of alcohol in accommodation. We just want to inform both the tenants and the owners about the possible consequences, recommending to pay a lot of attention to this problem, solving all possible issues in advance, and informing the owner about any events or celebrations.

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