Guest support from the accommodation owner

TripAways always supports hosts and owner, who want to provide guest support, and make the entire trip more comfortable, safe and convenient. Furthermore, any additional services included in the price will improve your chances to find a guest in the nearest future. For example, the owner is able to offer the following services:

  1. Meeting them at the airport or the train station on the day of arrival, and take them back on the last day
  2. Buy products before the arrival of guests, and buy them on a regular basis 
  3. Cook something on the day of arrival or on the regular basis
  4. Make a tour around the best attractions in the area and the city
  5. Rent a stroller for families with kids, a baby stool or a crib

The payment and the fees for such services have to be agreed before the booking. It’s not allowed to meet the guests at the airport and demand money from them without discussing it in advance.

On TripAways apartments and houses with such additional services as the breakfast, the airport transfer and the city tour are more popular than just premises without any additional support.

Many owners on TripAways are able to offer such services for free, simply including them into the main price. Everything depends on the will of the owner. For example, more than 12% of the apartments are offered with the free breakfast. The owner has to cook it and offer to the guests. One can refuse to eat, but it’s not allowed to reduce the price just because you don’t want to have the breakfast. Only if the owner wants to make it, they are able to do that.

Guest support

Such services can’t be booked or paid via TripAways. Furthermore, TripAways is not responsible for the quality and the price of such help and services.


No doubt that such guest support has to be easy and convenient. It’s not allowed to make it unconditional. The traveler has to choose it on their own without any pushing from your side.

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