Confirmation of the booking request

The booking requests from the prospective guests have to be confirmed by the owner of the accommodation. The owner will receive a notification immediately after the guest makes the booking request.


The owner has to confirm the booking within 3 days from the moment of request creation. In case if the owner didn’t confirm or reject the request, it shall be void. The guest will be notified about it, while the owner will lose 2 points of rating.


According to our statistics, more than 92% of requests are confirmed within the 1 day. More than 34% of requests are confirmed within 3 hours from the moment of booking. In other words, you won’t have to wait for the answer in the majority of cases.


In order to make things faster, you can write the owner in advance in order to discuss everything and ask to confirm the booking request immediately after creation. In such case, the confirmation will be made in a couple of minutes after the booking request.


As soon as the owner confirms the booking, the guest will be able to make payment. When all things are done, the booking is made, and the guests are able to check-in on the discussed date.


The owner is able to cancel the fully paid booking in case if there’s a real reason; however, their rating will be decreased.

Confirmation of the booking request on TripAways is one of the key tasks of the owner, so they need to follow several simple rules before making it.

What to do before confirming the request

Before confirming the booking request, the owner of accommodation has to check the profile of the guests in order to read reviews and answer all the questions sent together with the booking request. In case if the owner thinks that the provided information is sufficient, they can accept or reject the request right away. In another case, the owner is able to ask the guest for the details. 


Before confirming the request, the owner needs to make sure that the apartment will be available in the chosen period by checking not only TripAways but all other systems.


The owner shall remember that the booking can be canceled as by the owner, as well as by the guest. The longer it takes to confirm the booking, the higher are the chances that the guest will choose something else.

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