Keep connection with your guests

All the guests will feel comfortable when they know that they can contact the owner in case of emergency, or in order to ask the questions and address the issues of their competence. That’s why you need to keep the connection from the moment of arrival. 


If your guests live in the same place as you, there’s no need to provide additional means of communication. You will see them on the day of arrival and throughout the stay.


In case if you only meet guests on the day of arrival, or don’t meet them at all, it may be great to exchange contacts and keep in touch with guests. 


The easiest way is to use TripAways messaging system. However, it requires internet, and you won’t be able to keep communication without the internet coverage. Furthermore, guests and owners are not always online, so there can be a significant delay in communication.

Keep a connection with your guests, and they will be patient and confident in all situations, thus leaving you a great review at the end.

It’s recommended to do one of the following things:

  1. Share your phone numbers
  2. Find each other in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp and other popular messengers
  3. Talk about the personal meetings in the apartment or the house

You are not obliged to answer all the calls and messages in the middle of the night. Tell about the conditions, and show mutual respect by creating a proper model of communication.

Keep connection

The task of the owner is to support the guests and solve the issues, which may appear in the apartment. Even though such problems will never appear in the majority of cases, guests need to be protected, knowing that they can call the owner or the administrator in order to solve all the issues. 


On the other hand, don’t be too annoying. Don’t call them all the time, and don’t come with inspections if it wasn’t agreed. Share your contact information, and answer when something important is required. Keep the connection within the previously agreed frames.


If your accommodation is managed by TripAways or another company, you don’t have to work with guests. All the questions have to be addressed to one of the company representatives.

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