Payments and money transactions

So, you decided to book the chosen housing, and a reasonable question concerning security of payments made with TripAways has appeared.

All transactions via TripAways are secure

First, it should be mentioned that payments security through TripAways is a mandatory condition for this online service functioning. Confidentiality of our users’ personal information is the foundation of the service’s security policy, so you can be unworried when making payments with TripAways.

The largest electronic payment system – PayPal – that is used for money transactions via TripAways applies the latest data encryption systems. This is why your plastic card or bank account information is not available to the payee.

Payments outside of TripAways are forbidden

Cash payments and any other type of payments out of this website are prohibited by the Terms of service delivery since such actions put our users at risk of fraud and jeopardize their personal safety. Communication and payments exclusively through TripAways not only provide security but also help you find important booking details faster (housing address, travelling plan, check-in information, etc.).

Communication and payments outside of TripAways make protecting your information impossible for us and increase a possibility for you to become a victim of deception, fishing and other fraud types.

What is to be done after receiving an indecent proposal

If any user suggests managing payments in a different way (outside of this website) or sends you suspicious links (leading to a fake TripAways website), you should immediately inform us about this by sending a message to the technical support.

Your notification can become a reason for blocking or deleting the fraud’s account.

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