Payment methods on TripAways

Let’s imagine you have selected a housing and now want to pay for the booking.

TripAways payment methods differ depending on the country, but PayPal is the main one. We describe it below.

PayPal general rules

If PayPal supports the chosen currency, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal system login window, after the currency activation.

Your further actions:

  • Sign in to your PayPal account
  • Choose a certain payment method (bank card or banking account)
  • Check and confirm your payment method
  • Read and accept PayPal terms and conditions

You will then be redirected back to TripAways, for confirmation of your booking.

Once PayPal confirms the payment amount, we will send your booking request to the host. If you use immediate booking, we will instantly confirm your request on our own. Either way, the booking amount will be charged off only after your booking is approved. In case your request is cancelled or declined, and after the expiry of its validity period, PayPal will cancel the confirmation and the entire payment amount will remain untouched.

Using alternative financial sources

You may have a need to connect your PayPal account with your credit card or banking account. In this case, one of these financial sources will be used as an alternative payment method, if the main method fails. More details on how to connect payment methods with your PayPal account are available on PayPal system website.

Using your bank account

You can safely transfer money from your bank account to TripAways account with PayPal Instant payment. To do this, you should change your PayPal account settings:

  • Join your bank account to your PayPal account. Please note that this process may take up to 48 hours. More details on how to use your bank account as a payment method are available here.
  • Indicate an additional payment method (for example, your credit card) for your PayPal account. This source will be used in case of Instant payment failure.

You can make Instant payment with TripAways right after your bank account is joined to TripAways, and an alternative payment method is chosen. Just accomplish the steps described above and choose your bank account as a payment method for PayPal.

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