Communication on TripAways

Communication between the owners and guests on TripAways

Despite the fact that we are constantly developing the platform in order to make it simple and easy to use for both tenants and the owners, the users of TripAways constantly require to communicate with each other. Such communication is really important as before the booking, as well as after it in order to keep things clear. That’s why the system offers an integrated messaging system that allows talking with any desired number of the users in the real-time mode. 

общение на TripAways

At the same time, the process of communication and messaging on TripAways has to be carried out in accordance with the principle of mutual respect and general rules:

  1. It’s strictly prohibited to threaten other users, using obscene words and swearing
  2. You need to write only about something important; never waste the time of the users with something irrelevant 
  3. Be polite and kind; don’t be rude even if you think that something is not fair
  4. Don’t send spam and letters not related to the accommodation booking process
  5. Avoid providing wrong information during the communication; be open and honest
  6. Don’t ask private and sensitive questions
  7. It’s prohibited to provoke other users in order to make them break the rules of the system

In case if you see that one of the users is breaking the rules, please inform the administration of the website by using any means of communication shown on the Administrative contacts page.

Communication on TripAways is required not just to clarify various details of the booking and accommodation, but to leave reviews and mutual respect. That’s why you shouldn’t be scared of writing a message to another user in case if you really need to make it.

The account of the user can be banned as a result of the violation, while all the bookings and ads will be canceled, and the ad will not be shown to the prospective guests.


All the messages are saved in the system for the unlimited period of time, allowing you to read your messages, and restore the history of communication in case if you decided to make a new booking with the same person.

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