Objects for rental at TripAways

By default on this page, you can find all the objects for rental available in the system, i.e. in all countries, of all sizes and with any price tag. You can use the filters located in the right part of the screen in order to remove all excessive information, and left only offers, which correspond to your requirements.


Let’s find out how to use the filter and sort available listings.


Main filters in the selection menu

By choosing specific filter values you can remove listings, which are not corresponding to your requirements or needs. Here’s the list of main filters in the system:

  1. Accommodation type – you can choose one or several types, by selecting them from the menu, and you will see only those objects for rental, which correspond with your selection.
  2. Rental price (per day, per week, per month, per weekend) – here you can set the upper limit (the maximum price, which you are ready to pay for the chosen period), as well as the lower one (e.g. in case if you don’t want to see the cheapest options).
  3. Calendar and booking dates – all objects for rental have their own calendars, which show currently booked dates and periods. In case if the chosen dates are booked by another user, the system won’t show such listing in the search results.
  4. A number of rooms (only bedrooms, and other rooms, except dining zones).
  5. Location – a country, a city, a district or a street.

In addition, you can use some other small filters, e.g. smoking, living with pets, using the kitchen on your own etc.

All available objects for rental on one page at TripAways.

All filters are disabled by default, and the system will choose only corresponding listings after the activation of a specific filter.

Main filters in the selection menu

Which objects for rental are available at TripAways?

You can use TripAways in order to rent:

  1. Studios
  2. One- or multibedroom apartments
  3. Villas
  4. Penthouses
  5. Separate rooms in spacious villas or apartments
  6. Separate beds
  7. Bungalows
  8. Guesthouses in national parks and touristic routes

All of them have both different prices and the level of comfort for a specific number of guests. Furthermore, some objects may not be available in the chosen city or a country due to local traditions and habits.

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