Misleading information in the account description

TripAways strives to provide only trustworthy and credible information throughout the platform. That’s why we constantly analyze information provided by the users in their accounts. In the case when we find clearly misleading information, we request the user to change the description or ban the user if no action is taken. That’s why we kindly ask you to make sure that you provided only real and relevant information in order to avoid banning of the account.


According to the rules of TripAways, the following information is considered misleading:

  • Fake photo of the user that doesn’t correspond with the owner of the account, as well as other graphical images (no face on the photo)
  • Imaginary names and surnames
  • Imaginary information about the user. Please remember that it’s easier to write a couple of sentences about yourself instead of copying someone’s data
  • Fake documents sent for verification purposes
  • Fake contact information, including the email address. Please note that you won’t be able to register in the system without an email while using a fake phone number in Viber or Telegram will not allow the users to contact you. We reserve the right to ban you after getting a complaint from the users or in case if one of our members will find such information.

Misleading information in the account description

If you discovered that a profile of a user has fake or misleading information, please report it immediately by clicking “Report the user” – “Misleading information”. We will check all the information and take the required actions.

Misleading information in the account description on TripAways is one of the key reasons to delete the profile and ban the user. We kindly remind you to be as precise and open as possible while writing a description for the profile.

In order to avoid such cases, we have to verify the identity of the users. Even though this procedure is formal and not convenient, it’s really important to provide the safety for all the users of the system.

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