Unacceptable images in the profile

Unacceptable imagesThe profile of the user of TripAways contains only one image that can be changed as many times as the user wants. Obviously, the best solution is to upload a photo of the user.

It can be edited in special apps, but only in case if such editing won’t create confusion and misunderstanding. By using any other images, you don’t allow other users to see the real owner of the profile, which is a part of the process of accommodation evaluation.


Here’s the list of prohibited images:

  1. Photos of other people
  2. Characters from movies and cartoons
  3. Animals
  4. Images without people
  5. Images where the caption takes more than 20% of space
  6. Animated images
  7. Cartoons and caricatures
  8. Scene of violence
  9. Images of weapons, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and cigars
  10. Erotic and pornographic images
  11. Photos and images with signs of racism, offensive gestures, humiliating symbols (e.g. flags and clothes of fascists and Nazis)
  12. Photos with hunting trophies

TripAways administration reserves the right to remove any other images not included in the list above.

On TripAways we ask our users to avoid using obscene and prohibited images, which may offend other users causing them to feel bad.

If we find one of the images described above, we reserve the right to ban the account of the user, cancel all the bookings, and remove all the ads.


Find out how to choose proper photos for the profile on TripAways...

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