How to make sure that TripAways is safe and secure

How can I be sure that the owner will get my money, and I will be able to check-in on the day of arrival?

The question of safety to the booking platform is the most important for both guests and owner of accommodations. Furthermore, guests are even more interested in it because they have to pay in advance. As a result, they want to be sure that the owner will get their money, and prepare the object for their stay.


Why all the users shall be sure of the safety and reliability of TripAways?

Safety of TripAways

Where will my money go after I make the payment?

When you complete the payment, the money is held on the account of TripAways for the owner of accommodation. However, the owner is not able to use them. Part of the payment is deducted in order to cover fees of TripAways.


The owner will get your money only when you leave the apartment or the house, and confirm that there was no issue. In case if you don’t confirm it in 3 days, it will be automatically marked as complete. The guest is able to file a complaint and a get a partial or full refund depending on the decision of the administration.


As a result, the owner gets nothing until you check-in and check-out. In other words, they can’t just take your money and go.

Before making a payment for a booking on TripAways users wants to be sure that the system is safe and secure. In order to make it, you need to look at the number of successful bookings, the number of reviews of a specific owner, and you can communicate with one of the users of the system in order to ask them about the safety of the website.

How can I be sure that you pay the owner, and the listings are real?

The reputation of TripAways and the operation of the company would be impossible if we had fake accounts and listings, and the guests wouldn’t be able to stay there. Such fraudulent approach would be obvious and clear. We are constantly developing our website, increasing the number of offers, owners, and guests in order to support TripAways.


Can I face a situation, when I arrive at a booked place, and it’s just closed and nobody waits for me?

Theoretically, it may happen. However, we will immediately block such owner and all their listings if such situation takes place. In case if you managed to book an apartment, there are high chances that it was booked many times before you, and you won’t have any problems. 


Furthermore, each listing and owner has a rating in the system. The rating represents the number of successful bookings. You can check the number of bookings for a specific owner in order to be sure that they are a reliable person. You will also see the number of successful and canceled bookings. Obviously, the owner, who has several dozen bookings per month, will do their best to meet and greet you.


You are also able to contact one of the users of TripAways in order to make sure that the system is reliable. Write a message to one of the travelers, and ask how often they rent accommodation. They will tell you about the safety and the reliability of the system.

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