How to work with the questions of tourists

We kindly recommend the accommodation owners to answer questions as fast as possible. 


According to our statistics, 63% of guests, who didn’t receive an answer within 2 hours, will find and book a different option. Only 4% of travelers are ready to wait more than a day.


We recommend checking messages every day, spending at least some time to answer all of them.


We inform our guests that the maximum waiting time is 3 days, and if there’s no answer after 3 days, they need to find something else. 

Questions of tourists

The owners need to remember that TripAways offers a wide range of listings, and the guest is able to look at 3-5 objects at the same time. Answer immediately and you can catch the attention of the user, and get a booking. Be silent, and the guest will choose someone more talkative.


There are no strict terms on TripAways, so messages won’t be marked as late. Nevertheless, we recommend answering all the messages, even if you missed them. By doing so, you will show some respect. Apologize for the late answer, and get the benefits.

The faster the owner answers the questions of the tourists, the higher are chances to get the booking.

General rules of communication

We ask all the users of TripAways to be polite and respectful. You need to talk like with one of your good friends, being respectful, humorous and not too formal. 


Be clear and precise. Don’t write ten words where you can use five. Use precise numbers, describe the real situation, and avoid making forecasts and exaggerating.


Don’t try to mislead and confuse the guests. Such information will affect your reputation and will leave a bad impression. We reserve the right to block the owner if we receive several complaints from our guests about the misleading behavior. 


On TripAways it’s prohibited to threaten and offense other users. Please check the rules of communication within the platform.


How to deal with provocations

If the guests ask something that violates rules TripAways, or the question is offensive, you can submit a complaint to the Customer Support. In order to make it, you need to click the “Report” button next to the message and indicate the reason. We will process your request, and take the required actions. 


After submitting a complaint, we recommend not giving an answer to the request. 

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