TripAways history

TripAways history started from a small family business. Everything started at the moment when we decided to lease our own apartments in Dubai out. The market was growing incredibly fast at that time, and virtually all landlords were able to get their piece of cake. However, even at that time, we understood that our goal was to improve the overall quality of services for our customers. The more happy and satisfied tenants you have, the higher is the chance that they will recommend you to their friends and relatives, and the higher is the chance that they will use your services for their next trip. 


As a result, we understood that we can create a really successful company that will overcome all the obstacles by putting the comfort and the quality in the first place.


Our approach turned out to be successful. Our apartments were always booked, while our friends and relatives continued using our services because they knew we would provide them with the highest level of services and the constant flow of customers for their accommodation. The number of objects was growing day by day, and one day we understood that we had o lot of them. That was the moment when we created a real estate agency.


No doubt that we had to discover a lot of new things in order to open our own agency. We thoroughly inspected local rental laws in Dubai, invested a lot of money to create a great working environment for our employees, and developed a highly efficient and reliable service for our customers. The most important thing is that we managed to hire the highly efficient specialists, lawyers and real estate agents who supported the highest level of our services quality.

Learn interesting TripAways history: how this service appeared as a small real estate agency and grew when we understood that the process of apartment rental can be even more simple and secure.

TripAways history after moving to the world of internet

No doubt that the digital revolution changed us a lot. There was a moment when the majority of our booking requests moved from the real world into the internet. All new customers were able to find us using the online advertising and reading various reviews and forum threads. We started to communicate with our customers using the email and the chat. We made everything to transform our agency website into a comfortable accommodation booking tool. By doing so we were able to overcome the real estate market crisis in the UAE because we had to work only in the UAE at that time. 


Now it’s even more obvious that the number of online bookings will continue growing day by day. Furthermore, modern users want to have access to easy and safe services, including accommodation booking websites. That’s why we can’t avoid technical progress, and we started to build a service that would be able to allow accommodation booking and access to various services with the highest level of comfort and safety. 



Every single day we are working with our customers to solve various problems and issues related to the accommodation booking. Even the most popular booking services are not perfect today. Each of them has their own disadvantages, which may be really critical for the user. We know these disadvantages, and we know how to get rid of them. That means we are able to create such a portal, which is going to provide the best and the most sophisticated services in the world.


These days we are constantly working to allow our users traveling all over the world in the same way, as they live in their own city. We are sure that we will be successful in this field, especially if the users will provide us with the valuable feedback. That’s why in case if you have any recommendations or comments about our services, or in case if you know how we can make it better, please call and write us. We will analyze your valuable information, and keep it in the account in our work. By doing so we will write the new TripAways history.

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