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Photo for the accountThe purpose of the account photo on TripAways is to make the process of communication more open and secure.

By looking at the photo, the users are able to be sure that they are talking with the owner, creating their first thoughts and getting impression.

That’s why one needs to choose a photo that clearly represents the owner of the account.

We recommend following these principles while choosing a profile photo on TripAways:


  1. The clearer is the photo, the better. It’s recommended to choose portraits instead of full height photos
  2. Try to choose an informal photo with a smile on your face; positive emotions will attract other users right away
  3. Try to choose a selfie made with a phone or a laptop instead of uploading a profession photo made from a distance
  4. Colorful pictures are better than monochrome 
  5. Try to avoid using many filters and adjustments to the image
  6. The photo has to be relevant. Try to avoid uploading a photo that was made 20 years ago. If you are a man with beard, you need to have a photo with the beard

You need to avoid using other images without your face on them. It’s prohibited to use cartoons, animals, captions and other images, which will mislead other users, not allowing them to see your real face.  

The account photo is the main image that creates the overall impression about the user in TripAways system. That’s why you need to use a simple, clear and understandable photo in order to attract other users.

We have made a list of all the images, which are not allowed to be used in the profile. This restriction is one of the key rules of the system. Any violation may result in the permanent ban and deleting of all ads and bookings.


The minim resolution for the photo is 100x150 pixels, while the maximum size is 50 Mb (one can use images in RAW format). The system will offer you to cut the image during the uploading in order to keep required proportions.

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