How to evaluate accommodation safety

Accommodation safety may have a different meaning for various groups of travelers. Everything depends on the phobias of a specific person during the trip. Some people are scared to get robbed, thus looking for accommodation with a safe box, numerous locks and strict security system in the building. Some people don’t want the owner to enter accommodation during their stay. Other people want to find a yard without cars in order to play with the kids. 


At the same time, the key principles of accommodation searching are the same for all the cases and situations. If you know how to observe them, you will be able to avoid all unpleasant situations, having the highest level of safety. What are the rules?


1. Choose accommodation with detailed description and many photos

The more information the owner is ready to provide about the accommodation, the higher are chances that he has nothing to hide, and accommodation will be as attractive and astonishing as in the pictures. The more information you have, the higher is accommodation safety.


2. Don’t be shy and address all the safety-related questions to the owner

The more open is the owner the lower is the risk of any unpredicted situations. Vice versa, if the owner is silent and doesn’t give answers to your questions, you may think about trying to find a different option.


3. Never think instead of the owner, and never hope “for the better”

If you have any questions or unclear moments, you need to ask the owner about them. Don’t forget about the variation of Murphy’s rule – if there’s a chance of bad outcome for you, it will definitely happen. It affects not just the state of the apartment, but the communication with the owner.

Accommodation safety on TripAways can be evaluated using a wide range of criteria, but the sequence of required steps is always the same.

4. Try to talk with the guests, who stayed in the chosen apartment in order to find all the information

Their opinion is more important and trustworthy than the answers of the owner and the description of the object.


5. Try to find the date of the publication of the ad, and look for the number of guests

The higher is the number of the guests and the older is the ad on TripAways, the lower are chances that you will face something unpleasant or unpredictable. 


6. Try to evaluate not only the apartment but the residential complex and the area

Even the best apartment in a bad district is less attractive than a simpler offer in a patient part of the city. Check the traffic (busy areas are more dangerous, especially for kids), the number of tourists (they attract scammers), the infrastructure (cafes, restaurants, schools and other venues can be found in patient parts of the city).


Finally, listen to your intuition. It works on the base of previous experience, which can be totally unpleasant. Listen to it, and avoid making a booking if you have even the slightest doubts.

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