Communication with the owners and accommodation booking

Accommodation booking is a really important process. In case if you’ve found an appropriate listing for your holiday, we recommend sending a message to the owner in order to check if the apartment is still free for the chosen period.

Send a message to the owner before booking accommodation

We kindly ask you to send a message to the owner before making the accommodation booking on TripAways in order to make sure that the place is free for the chosen dates, as well as to ask all the questions related to the selected apartment.


In order to start communication with the owner click ‘Contact the owner’ button. The majority of the owners will answer you in 3-4 hours. Be ready for the situation when the answer is delayed, or there’s no answer at all. Don’t forget that you may live in different time zones. The owner of the apartment can be out of the mobile network coverage, simply having no chance to answer you.


The delay if 1-2 days is considered more than normal. Keeping this fact into account, it’s recommended to start searching for accommodation in advance.

What to do if the owner is silent for many days in a row?

In case is the owner of the chosen apartment is unreachable, try to connect other owners in the same area. You are not limited to the number of owners to communicate with. Users of TripAways are able to contact as many owners as they want. That’s why such silence is the problem for the owner, and not for you. By giving you no answer, they will lose the chance to have you as their guest, thus having less money and ratings.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to build a beneficial partnership with the owners of the apartments listed on TripAways, as well as hot to make accommodation booking without additional problems and issues.

Parallel accommodation booking

Be really careful, and never send more than one accommodation booking request at the same time, unless you really want to rent two or three apartments in the same area. Otherwise, you may pay for the booking twice, while you won’t be able to live in two different places at the same time.


Useful tip: active users of TripAways answer all the requests almost immediately. If the owner is totally silent, you need to avoid such accommodation booking request. Contact 2-3 owners at once, and choose the friendliest one, keeping their attitude and the offer in mind.

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