Cancellation of a confirmed booking

The cancellation of the booking after confirmation can be made as by the owner as by the guest of TripAways. Such cancellation is highly unwanted because both parties have their own plans and obligations. As a result, such cancellation will break someone’s plans.

Cancellation of the booking after confirmation

Nevertheless, in the case when the guest or the owner cancels less than 5% of the bookings, there will be no consequences. Such a rate is normal and can be caused by various unpredicted situations. 


In the case when the user makes more cancellations, they will affect the rating of the user. That’s why you need to make a booking only when you are 100% sure that you will use it.


If the owner wants to cancel a booking, they need to find it in the list, click “Cancel booking” and open the dialog window. The owner has to indicate the reason for cancellation, check the conditions and confirm it.

Cancellation of the booking after confirmation is highly unwanted, but it can be made with the minimum losses.

If the guest wants to cancel the booking, they need to find it in the list, and click “Cancel request”. On the next screen, the system will show the conditions, including the fee for cancellation and the amount for a refund. The user will also be able to make another booking using a previously paid amount.


The cancellation fee of TripAways depends on many conditions, including the price of the booking and the time remaining on the arrival date. We recommend reading detailed conditions of each offer before making a booking. 


Before cancellation, it’s recommended to inform the guest or the owner of your decision. Sometimes you can agree on different conditions and return the biggest part of your money.


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