Booking price

The final booking price of the apartment on TripAways depends on several key factors. One needs to understand that the full price of the booking will be charged from your account immediately after the confirmation of the booking request by the owner.


The owner of the apartment has to define the following fees:

  • Rental price – the price for one night
  • Cleaning fee – the onetime payment for the cleaning after the departure of guests
  • Additional guest fee – the amount charged for each additional guest above the number of visitors in the listing.

Furthermore, the booking price includes TripAways commission fee:

  • TripAways service fee – applied for each and every booking on the website, and use to maintain TripAways website, and provide customer support throughout the day.

The booking price also includes the following fees:

  • Currency conversion fee – we offer accommodation in different countries all over the world, converting currencies totally automatically.

Booking price

Important! The amount of security deposited chosen by the owner is not charged at the moment of booking. The deposit will be charged only in case if the owner files a complaint within 14 days after the departure of the guest.


Thus, you need to understand that the final booking price will be a bit higher than the initial price shown in the listing because it includes TripAways remuneration, as well as other fees and commissions.

What’s included in the booking price on TripAways? When the tenant has to pay? When will the owner get their money?

When the tenant has to pay the booking price?

The entire booking price with all fees and commissions (except the deposit) is charged immediately after the confirmation of the booking by the owner.


While sending a booking request, you need to indicate all the payment credential, thus the payment happens in automatic mode. However, the entire amount is kept in the system until the second day of your stay in the apartment.


The owner will get your money only within 24 hours after your check-in. Thus, you are able to check everything and file a complaint in case of any problems.


In case if the user wants to stay for more than 28 nights, they have to pay for the first month in advance, paying for each following month at the end of the current billing period.

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