How to count reservation cost

After you chose a housing option and decided to book it, a reasonable question may arise concerning how exactly booking costs are calculated on TripAways. Here is the answer.

To begin with, you should bear in mind that the booking amount is charged in full after the host accepts your reservation request; in case of immediate booking, this happens right away. A few things define your booking final cost.

Basic charges

The host’s fees

  • Housing rent (a price per night defined by the host)
  • Indoor cleaning (sometimes hosts charge one-time payment for cleaning)
  • Additional fees (sometimes hosts charge one-time payment for maintenance)

TripAways charges

  • TripAways charges a fee for its service related with sustaining the site’s correct work and non-stop client support

Other charges

  • Currency conversion commission (is charged when a transaction’s currency is different from that of your bank card)
  • Security deposit for property safety (is charged in case of host’s claims)

Please pay attention to not only the above charges, but also TripAways website currency – USD. Choosing a different currency, consider that the final price of the housing you are booking may increase or decrease depending on the USD rate to the chosen currency.

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