Long-term rental

One can make a long-term rental on TripAways. It has no technical differences with the short-term rentals; however, there are several important nuances.


Nothing can stop the user from making a long-term booking in the case when the booking calendar is empty, and there are no other bookings. However, such request won’t save you money because it will be calculated on the basic prices, adding numerous cleaning fees for the entire period of time. 

Long-term rental

Furthermore, the majority of the owners define prices for short-term rentals, thus setting high prices for many short-term bookings in order to cover all the related expenses. Long-term rental is always cheaper because it has a lot of advantages for the owner.


At the same time, many owners prefer short-term rentals because it gives them the money flow. They don’t want to lose a part of their money just because someone wants to make a long-term booking. 

Long-term rental on TripAways is more than allowed and supported by the rules of the system, but it requires reaching an agreement between the guest and the owner.

In another hand, many locations are demanded only during a specific period of time, while the owner wants to rent the apartment for a long-term during other periods in order to get more money easily.


That’s why TripAways supports making a special booking request. The owner is able to choose a specific amount for the given period. The price of the long-term rental will be calculated according to the agreement between the guest and the owner. After getting the payment, the owner has to adjust the booking calendar in order to avoid double booking on TripAways.


At the same time, the payment can be divided into several parts. Here’s an example:

  1. The apartment is offered for $80 per working day and $90 on the weekend. In order to book it for a month, one needs to pay around $2,500
  2. The guest asks the owner for a special price and wants to rent it for 6 months
  3. Both users agree than $9,000 is the best price for 6 months (monthly payment)
  4. The owner send an invoice for $1,500 (for a month)
  5. The guest makes a payment
  6. The owner adjusts the calendar and removes the next 6 months from it

Every month the owner sends an invoice, and the guest makes the payment. In the case when the guest is not able to pay, the booking has to be canceled, or the users have to find a solution.


The owner can indicate his will to rent the apartment for a long-term in the description. Furthermore, they may indicate the average price for a month and a year.

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