Analytical department

Analytical department of TripAways invites real experts

The overall efficiency of TripAways depends on analytics. We need to know which users are using our services and how. We need to understand the interests of a specific user. We need to know the search combinations used by them. And we need to understand the most effective advertising. There’s a lot of questions, and only our analytical department can give answers.

We are the real pioneers in many fields. We receive a lot of analytics, including the process of accommodation selection, personal preferences and other parameters about our proprietary tools and instruments. We receive a lot of information from CRM, processing big volumes of information from the social networks and analytic tools. But we need not only to interpret them but to compare with the information received directly from the website. For example, which apartment is going to be selected by the user who came to the website from a specific social network? Do you think its impossible? It turns out that its more than possible. Our analytical department is able to do that.

Who can work in the analytical department?


First of all, we invite people who know and like to work with the data. You will have a lot of data and information to process. We want to hire:

  • Analysts — real experts who know how to interpret various dependencies of the received information.
  • Machine learning experts — these are programmers who know how to create new algorithms for automated analysis and adjusting the process of already implemented tools.
  • Visualisers — those who are able to transform the bunch of numbers into the visual charts, diagrams, and presentations.
  • Programmers – who will use the final result to optimize the overall performance of the website.

Furthermore, we need the high-quality optimization of the company even now. In order to understand what we have to improve, we need to know the key indicators of various groups, departments, and specific specialist. Currently, this task is carried out by a small group of universal analysts, but we really need to expand it, and divide the responsibilities. So, if you know and like to work with the data, understand various mathematic formulas and can find the correlation between the numbers on the screen and behavior of real people, our analytical department invites you.


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