Working in the administration

The administrative department is the flesh and blood of the company. This department is responsible for the coordination of all other departments, for the timely payment of wages, payment of all invoices, acceptance of all calls, and proper administration of all the business processes. That’s why working in the administration of TripAways is the best choice for people who love order, organization and clear structures, knowing how to create such order by working with several dozens of really different people.

The main task of the members of the administrative department of TripAways is to control the internal operations of the company. Here you have to:

  1. Plan tasks and the load for various departments.
  2. Approve and build interaction between the employees.
  3. Control the completion of the tasks by different departments.
  4. Create comfortable working environment.
  5. React to all changes in the company, controlling the growth and increase of the load.

Furthermore, the administrative department directly participates in the process of company development. Our managers decide how to allocate employees between new offices, whom to hire first, and how to create proper conditions for the new workers. They need to know what to improve, and which tasks are more important than other.

In addition to the information above, working in the administration of TripAways involves the creation of a friendly, warm and homely atmosphere. We don’t want to see strict and hardworking managers in the office. And we want to avoid any kind of corporate conflicts. The task of the administrator is to create such an environment in the company, which is comfortable, cozy and creative. That’s why the department performs various parties, events, and meetings, going to nature or just spending a good time. All these converts working days into the bright and unforgettable flow of events.

Who can work in the administration of TripAways?


First of all, now we are looking for people with the following qualities:

  • Having a systematic mindset, knowing how to organize both processes and other people
  • Know how to count fast, and plan well
  • Having administrative experience in big companies
  • Knowing how to find a common language with different people
  • Real leaders
  • Creative people who know how to offer and implement their ideas

By working in the administration of TripAways such workers open limitless abilities for their personal growth. The best thing in the world is to see how the system, which you build, becomes more and more successful, transforming into something incredible that involves thousands of people. Are you interested? Write us!

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