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What are the first steps to lease or rent an apartment at TripAways?

TripAways platform is really comfortable for both accommodation owners and those wanting to rent an apartment all around the world. Furthermore, each and every user of the website is able to lease their own apartments on TripAways, booking other accommodation from different users all over the world. This is more than normal, and we don’t limit our users to only one role, i.e. an owner or a guest.

In both cases it’s really recommended to read the main rules of TripAways:

    • Main rules for accommodation owners
    • Main rules for tenants
    • How it works

If you accept these rules, you can start adding your accommodation into the system or start the process of searching for an apartment of your dream. First of all, you need to register or sign in, opening a required section after that:

    • Adding an object to the system
    • All apartments for rent

We kindly recommend the owners to read our hospitality rules, because the majority of the users represents free travelers who want to rent an apartment no just to stay there but to immerse into the atmosphere of the new city in order to learn everything about it. They are looking for owners who are able to show the city, and become their new friends.

Useful tips for those planning to rent an apartment on TripAways

We prepared a couple of tips for those users who want to rent an apartment, helping them to find the best apartment with great conditions and attractive prices. Furthermore, we are constantly adding new virtual tours, while the most enthusiastic users of the website publish new posts with the information about their favorite cities, places, attractions, restaurants and the most popular places. Using our website you will be able to find all the information to make your trip interesting and full of emotions.

In case if you face any issues related to the website, please check our help section, because we constantly update it, adding new answers to the most popular questions. If you have any problems and difficult situation, please don’t hesitate to write to the customer service, and we will help to solve everything as soon as possible.

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