When I should to pay

After you have chosen a suitable housing option, discussed all relevant details with the host and decided to make a booking, creating a reservation request is needed.

When sending a reservation request you provide your payment details for processing. Full booking amount is charged from your account after the host approves your request (and when using immediate booking).

Regardless of the travel date, the paid amount stays with us and will be transferred to the host upon 24 hours after your check-in. In this way, both parties have an opportunity to make sure they are satisfied.

How to pay for long-term booking

You will have to pay in full for the first month of stay if you plan to rent housing for 28 nights and more. The payment will be charged after the host accepts your request. The rest time above this first month is to be paid for on monthly basis.

How security deposit for property safety is charged

If the host determined a deposit for his housing safety, this deposit amount is not charged from your account, except as he makes a well-reasoned claim about the actual damage. He can do this within 48 hours after your check-out.

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