Meeting guests

The owner of accommodation is able to choose how to meet their guests. Some people on TripAways will go to the airport or the train station in order to bring them home. Other people (who live in a different place) will meet guests in the apartment, or use a remote way to give the keys via a safe box or an administrator.


Obviously, the most convenient option for the guest is to be met at the airport, and taken to the house. However, some tourists want to make a tour of the city before checking-in. Sometimes people don’t want to meet someone, and they prefer taking the keys at the reception and checking-in on their own.

встречать гостей

In all cases, we recommend discussing these nuances with the travelers after the booking. You can agree to the meeting place if the guests want you to meet them.


The owner is allowed to demand money for any additional services, i.e. meeting at the airport, showing the city, or helping. The price has to be announced in advance in order to avoid conflicts.

Irrespectively to the most convenient way to meet guests for you, you need to indicate it in the description of the apartment or the house.

In all cases, the owner has to clean the apartment and prepare it for guests…


If the apartment is managed by TripAways, all the issues and problems of the guest will be solved by our managers. If guests want to be met at the airport, we will hire a well-known taxi, while the manager will give the keys on arrival, showing the apartment or the house. 


You need to describe all the ways to meet guests on the page with the detailed description.

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