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Questions and comments for the owner of the accommodation

Here on TripAways, we recommend all the owners creating detailed descriptions of their apartments in order to avoid any misunderstanding and to allow the guests to make a booking without asking additional questions. However, some guests want to clarify different moments before making a booking. In such a case, it’s recommended to communicate with the owner.


One can address the issues to the owner only after completing the registration process on the website, including the fast registration procedure that allows getting access to the website after providing the minimum amount of information. Nevertheless, we recommend filling out your profile allowing the owner to get full information about you, and creating additional motivation to answer you faster.


We recommend asking the most important questions even before making a booking in order to avoid cancellation if you don’t like something after making the initial booking.

Questions for the owner

In the majority of cases, the owner will answer you in less than a day. This time is enough to protect your booking, so you can wait for the answer and make the final decision.


Before sending a question, please make sure that:

  • The required information is not provided in the description
  • There’s no information in the reviews left by the other users
  • The requested information is not sensitive or private
  • Your question or the request is within the legal framework of TripAways.

It’s strictly prohibited to ask offensive questions, advertise something or create a conflict situation. Furthermore, you are not allowed spamming all the users with the same questions. The users, who violate the rules, will be banned.

It’s highly recommended to address your questions to the owner of the apartment on TripAways even before making a booking. In the majority of cases, the owners will give you an answer in less than a day.

In case if you see a significant problem with an ad, you can report it to the owner in order to change it, or improve the offered accommodation.


If you haven’t received an answer in 3 days, the system will mark is unanswered, and the owner will get a warning. In case if the owner doesn’t answer questions systematically, his rating will be decreased, and the accommodation will be shown in the bottom of the search.

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