Smoking in the apartment

Smoking in the apartment booked on TripAways is strictly prohibited if the owner doesn’t allow smoking in the description. The part with the requirements for guests has a special field where the owner can indicate if they allow smoking in the apartment or no, and smoking guests need to pay attention to this specific field.

We implemented this smoking rule, because smoking causes the appearance of a specific smell, thus reducing the popularity of the accommodation for other guests. That’s why guests and owners prefer smoking outside of the apartment, using the balcony or even going outside fo the building.

Furthermore, smoking in the apartment is prohibited in order to observe security rules:

  • A cigarette can cause the fire and burn the clothes or objects in the apartment
  • The majority of apartments and villas offered on TripAways are equipped with special smoking sensors, which will be activated during smoking
  • Cigarettes can easily damage furniture, bed sheets, wooden floors and other objects.

Just remember that if smoking in the apartment is not allowed, it doesn’t mean that smoking guests can’t stay in it. If you are able to smoke outside, without causing the discomfort for the owner, and without affecting the overall comfort of the apartment, you can book any apartment or house offered on TripAways.

Here on TripAways,we don’t really tolerate smoking in the apartment; it’s prohibited by default, and only the owner of the apartment can allow smoking by directly indicating that in the description.

At the very same time, we reserve the right to block violators of the rules after receiving a complaint from the owner and performing a detailed investigation. If smoking resulted in damages to the apartment or the owner, the guest is obliged to reimburse such damages.


When smoking in the apartment can be accepted by the owner?

You need to discuss all specific moments with the owner before booking the apartment. In particular, you need to ask the owner about smoking of electronic cigarettes, water pipes and other substitutions. Never forget that some owners do like such things, and you may enjoy it together. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases happens in special places like shisha bars.

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