Settlement of disputes

Virtually in any situation the process of settlement of disputes on TripAways involves one of our managers or administrators of the website. All disputes can be solved only in line with the rules of TripAways.

We have to say that disputes are incredibly rare in the system. We face 8-10 of such cases per year and 90% of them are solved in just a couple of hours, providing an adequate solution for both the owner and the guest.

In general, disputes may appear in case if the guest is contacting the owner directly in order to make a short-term rental and discuss dates and prices. Conflicts may arise as a result of misunderstanding or negligence of the owner. That’s why TripAways makes all efforts to control all the apartments directly, because in such case the entire rental process is controlled by our professional team, and our managers strictly control the current state of the apartment.

Nevertheless, in case if you face any kind of misunderstanding, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Use our online-chat or any other way of communication in order to inform a manager of TripAways about your case. It’s really important to inform the manager as soon as possible to make him or her aware of the situation and get an advice about possible actions
  2. Check if the rules of the system describe your actions in such situations
  3. Contact the owner of the tenant in order to understand, which way dispute settlement is the most appropriate for them
  4. Strictly follow our manager’s recommendation or entitle him to act on your behalf.

The more information you provide to the manager about your case, the higher are chances to solve the dispute in your favor. However, in case of serious infringement of the system rules, TripAways is not able to help to the user of the system just because they asked for such help.

Our experience shows that in all cases when TripAways staff is included in the process of dispute settlement, such situations are always solved in favor of both parties. Of course, we are not talking about the cases of direct rules violation or cheating.

In the majority of cases the process of settlement of disputes on TripAways has high chances to be solved, but only if discussion about the booking details was carried out through the system. TripAways assumes no liability for cases when the tenant used our website to find an apartment, called the apartment owner directly and made a payment without using the website booking system.

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