Safety of guests

Safety of guests – thorough and detailed description

Here, in TripAways we implemented a number of different safety ruled to provide the safety of guests:

  1. Each and every owner of a house or an apartment has to prove their identity and send supporting documents.
  2. Each and every owner is obliged to send us a full set of documents confirming their ability to lease the accommodation.
  3. After adding a listing into the system, one of our representatives will go and check the object in order to be sure that everything is clear and correct.
  4. We allocate our users to personal managers who are ready to solve any issues.

After a couple of years of the practice, we made a conclusion that this set of specific rules is pretty enough to guarantee the safety of guests in the amazing city of Dubai. However, there’s always a place for misunderstanding, which may take place as a result of the behavior of the guest. We kindly recommend all the guests to follow a set of the key rules, which will protect you from unwanted situations.

Easy rules for safety of guests

When you book a house or an apartment at TripAways, never forget that we bear all the responsibility for the accuracy of both descriptions of the apartment and information about the user. We protect you all the time you use our system. We kindly ask you to follow these rules:

  1. Make booking and all payments only using the TripAways website
  2. Perform all the communication with the owner using our messages or online chat features on the TripAways website. The history of messages can be used to get rid of any problems.
  3. Always read the rules of the cancellation.
  4. Before booking anything, read everything about the accommodation and the owner. In case if you have any questions, or you have any issues, always write to the owner or contact one of the TripAways managers.

TripAways booking is similar to the booking in all other systems. That’s why you need to follow the basic rules to keep yourself safe:

  1. Search information about Dubai, and try to learn more about the desired area. Find all the places of interest near the accommodation.
  2. Never take a lot of money with you.
  3. Never be angry and never participate in conflicts.
  4. Talk with the owner in order to identify the most dangerous parts in the area. You are staying with a local citizen who’s aware of it.
  5. Always book an insurance certificate.

And the last rule, always follow local rules and laws. Renting in TripAways is really safe because local citizens and tourist never break the law, and any violation will create a full set of problems for you. Never forget that you can be safe only in case if you are acting respectively.

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