Rules for owners

Basic rules for owners on TripAways

During the process of listing adding the owner is obligated to follow each and every rule for landlords of TripAways.

Only your guest has the right to cancel the order and get money back. The guest is able to cancel their booking only if there are more than 24 hours left before the arrival. However, all processing fees, taxes, and money for cleaning are substituted from the refund.

The owner is entitled to cancel the order only in several emergency situations:

  1. If a close relative or a family member dies, making it impossible to meet the guests.
  2. In case of a natural catastrophe that destroyed the apartment or may hurt or kill the guests.
  3. Political manifestations of protests.
  4. Various technological issues, which may affect the quality of the stay.

In all such situations, the owner is entitled to make a full refund without revoking system commission. TripAways will make everything to find a substitution or refund all fees. The tourist is still able to write their opinion about the situation.

If the owner lists their apartment in several systems, they have to update the booking calendar in a timely manner. If a guest books an apartment through TripAways, but such object was booked in another system, the landlord has to provide different lodging for the same price and the same period.

If the owner can’t find a substitution for the guest, they will refund all the money to TripAways, while our representatives will do their best to find new lodging for the guest.

If a guest wants to leave earlier than planned and wants the money back, the owner is obliged to pay the price of the unused days back, keeping the price of the following day, as well as all fees and taxes.

TripAways will always cover all damages to the furniture, house equipment or decoration, which appeared after the guest. All payments are made on request from the owner. One of your representatives has to visit the objects in order to verify the damages. All damages are covered by a special insurance with an amount of $XXX.

Reimbursement rules for owners of TripAways will not cover:

  1. Communal objects and local public area
  2. Home animals
  3. Objects of Art and funds of the owner.

We kindly ask our owners to provide only comprehensive and detailed information about the apartment. Remember that you will always get a bad review if the guest doesn’t get what they really expected. The reputation of TripAways will also be damaged. We reserve the right to ban all the owners violating this rule (and any other rule for landlords on TripAways), without a chance to re-publish. The owner won’t be able to list their home on TripAways after deleting.

We also recommend listing full and detailed requirements for your guests. Be sure that such requirements won’t scare them away. Vice versa, you will be able to describe whom you want to see and tell them about the conditions at your home. Imagine that you can write that you don’t want to accept kids or animals at your home. By doing so you will be able to find only matching guests, providing the highest level of security and avoiding any conflicts after the departure.

Always remember that you need to care about the tourists. Try to make their life comfortable and easy. By doing so you will be able to create a great and stable relationship.

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