Invitation for the owners

Even more guests if you rent your apartment with TripAways

You have an apartment, a house or any other type of accommodation, and you want to rent them out in order to get more money, while we will bring new guests for you.

Thanks to TripAways renting an apartment out is




You just need to give us information about accommodation and observe the booking rules. We will take the rest, finding the customers, processing the payment and transferring money to your account.




In fact, you are able to buy new guests by paying just 12% of the booking price. You won’t pay any other commissions and fees.



The price also includes free insurance for the accommodation, furniture, and interior.




TripAways works in order to save your money. All bookings and information about the guests are received immediately after getting the payment, while all the funds are immediately transferred to your account. You just need to take care of your guests and get your money.



Here’s a fact


The average load of all the apartments offered on TripAways is 82%. Guests are living there every four days from five.







TripAways brings more than a half of my customers. I need to receive the money and meet my guests, without thinking about the advertising.


Malik Shaikh


My apartments are transformed into a mini hotel. This is really convenient and profitable.

John A. Starford


Thanks to TripAways I switched my apartment in Dubai Marina from long term to short-term rentals. I receive one and a half more money having the same level of paperwork.


All you need to do is to rent your apartment out using TripAways. Fill in a special form and register your accommodation in the system (the link for registration has to be here)

We will do the rest:

  1. We will publish information about your accommodation in the main TripAways catalog.
  2. If required, we can visit your place, take photos and write a description.
  3. We will find new tenants and guests for you.
  4. We will process payments from customers all over the world, using any currencies and payment methods.

Our fee for all these works is just 12% of the total amount of booking. We don’t have any service or hidden fees.

Our system is equipped with a special rating mechanism. The more good reviews you get from your guests, the higher is the chance that new visitors of TripAways will choose your apartment or home. That’s why you need to take care of your guests, showing hospitality and earning more money!

Add an apartment or a house (add a link or an application form)

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