Regional representatives

TripAways requires regional representatives in all the cities with houses and apartments offered for rent. The regional representatives have to solve at least the following issues:

  1. They take photos and videos of accommodation in case if the owner is not able to do that.
  2. They solve various conflicts and issues.
  3. They check the description of the accommodation and the real situation after receiving at least one complaint from the guests.
  4. They expand the network of houses and apartments offered in their city on TripAways.
  5. They advertise and promote TripAways, working closely with the marketing department.

This work requires a lot of time, but it’s really necessary to make TripAways really comfortable and secure. That’s why our regional representatives represent our company all around the world, in places where apartments and houses are rented out.

What is the work of our regional representatives?


A representative of TripAways interacts directly with the administration of the company and the marketing department. If a city has a lot of apartments and houses, and agents are overloaded with work, we assign a regional manager who controls several representatives. They get new tasks, complete them, develop the company and their own fields, getting their wages for that.

If a city is relatively small, we assign only one representative. This is more than normal and TripAways developed a strategy to expand such small departments. Regional representatives get detailed instructions from the main or the nearest office. They have to work in cooperation with such offices, getting full help and advice.

Our regional representatives never work on their own. Our main task is to provide them with help and support in order to develop their area.

The most important thing is that regional representatives are able to build their own network, and they are not limited. The more owners and guests you attract to TripAways, the higher is your salary in the selected field. In other words, you can use our support to build your own department, helping people to travel around, discovering your city, and earning money at the same time. If you are interested, just send us a letter, and we will get back to you really soon.

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