TripAways Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of TripAways platform based on the principle of responsibility of the user for the safety of credentials of the account of the website. 

In order to avoid any illegal and fraudulent actions, you shall always keep the credentials away from third parties.

In case if you have any reasons to think that your account was hacked, or your private data was lost or stolen, please inform us immediately in order to block such account. You bear the entire responsibility for all the actions performed using your personal account at TripAways, except all the cases when such actions were not allowed by you, as well as in the case when such actions can’t be considered the result of your carelessness. 

Other users of TripAways platform are able to see only the amount of private information indicated in your profile and listings. Other users have no access to any other information about you.

While using TripAways platform you are obliged not to perform the following actions personally, as well as not to allows other users performing the following actions:


  • copy, store or use information about other users or their personal credential in any other way, in case if such way infringes their legal rights in the field of privacy
  • connect other users of TripAways in order to address the issues, which are not related with the information about accommodation, listings or the platform usage, including sending spam messages and offers to use the different website without the written consent from TripAways

Privacy Policy is based on the principle of privacy of correspondence: thus, all other users have no access to your private messages. At the very same time, all reviews left for your listings will be public and visible to all other users.

In case if you have any comments, reviews or offers about the improvement of the platform, you can send them to our e-mail. Such information shall not be considered private, and we reserve the right to use your ideas and content without any compensation or reimbursement to you.


TripAways Privacy Policy: which data is collected?

  • Registration information: name, email address, and date of birth
  • Profile information: sex, residence, and phone number (if available)
  • Financial information: bank account and credit card numbers
  • Messages on TripAways: we keep the archive of your messages and bookings
  • Any other information provided by using the website forms

Furthermore, we also record information about your interaction with the platform, including GPS data, event log, and cookies in the automatic mode. All information is used solely to improve and develop TripAways, providing you with the highest level of safety and comfort.

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