Staying with pets

Staying with pets is allowed only in apartments where owners give clear consent for such stays. All the apartments serviced directly by TripAways allow staying with pets by default. If staying with pets is prohibited in an apartment, it has to be clearly mentioned in the description.

83% of the apartments in the TripAways system allow guests staying with pets. In the majority of cases the owners have nothing against home animals, but only in case if such animals will not cause any damages or leave traces and signs of everyday activities.

Even in case if it’s clearly indicated that guests are not permitted to stay with animals, we recommend you to contact the owner or one of TripAways managers in order to discuss conditions of your stay. The thing is that owners may not allow specific types of animals, e.g. dogs or birds. Or maybe the owner is afraid that your pet is not trained and may destroy furniture, wallpapers or carpets. You can always contact the owner and ask if it’s possible to stay with your lovely cat or even a small and well-trained dog. In the majority of cases owner will grant your request even if it’s clearly stated that you can’t stay with animals.

The guest bears full responsibility for the behavior of their pets. In particular, the guest may be obliged to pay compensation in case if the pet managed to damage interiors or in case of complaints from the administration of the residential complex or neighbors.

In case if the pet creates considerable damage, TripAways reserves the right to terminate the short-term rental agreement in order to avoid any further and serious damages of accommodation.

Please note that in the majority of cases apartments offered on TripAways doesn’t have any required equipment and accessories to take care of your pet. Such things as beds, bowls and trays have to be brought with you or purchased in Dubai.

Staying with service animals


Service animals are considered by TripAways as life companions and will be accommodated irrespectively to the policy of the owner. In case if you face any problems during the accommodation rental with your service animal, please contact our Customer Support department and we will do our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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