One-bedroom apartments

One-bedroom apartments on TripAways are usually rented by families with children or by small groups of 3-4 friends, who come to a holiday and stay in one apartment in order to save money. However, it’s really important to know specific apartment classification in each country. For example:

  1. In the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah), Istanbul, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other cities the number of rooms is equal to the number of bedrooms. In fact, a one-bedroom apartment has two rooms, i.e. a living room with a kitchen and dining zone, and a bedroom. Such apartment is a great choice for 4 friends or a couple with two children.
  2. In Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London, and New York the number of rooms represents the number of all rooms in the apartment. A one-bedroom apartment is a small accommodation with a kitchen and a bedroom with one bed. That’s why only two people can stay here.

In much old building, one-bedroom apartments are apartments with one bed, while in the modern complexes – spacious apartments with a living room and a bedroom. That’s why before booking a one-bedroom apartment you need to check the description in order to be sure that you will be able to stay in such apartment.

One-bedroom apartments

What are the main features of one-bedroom apartments?

One-bedroom apartments offered on TripAways are relatively affordable when compared with more spacious offers. They are a bit more expensive than studios, but provide much more comfort, thus being constantly rented by both tourists and businesspeople having an assignment.

In big cities one can rent a one-bedroom apartment as in the center, as well as in the suburbs; furthermore, different areas offer different prices. In the majority of cases, a tiny studio in the center of New York or Tokyo will be two or three times more expensive than a comfortable one-bedroom apartment in 15-20 km (20 minutes by metro) from the center.

One-bedroom apartment on TripAways is the best choice for a couple withkids.

One-bedroom apartments are really popular during the peak touristic season. During such season it’s pretty hard to find an available option even on. That’s why we always recommend choosing and booking a one-bedroom apartment in advance, i.e. at least in 1-2 months before the arrival.

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