General TripAways rules

TripAways rules define the main principles of working with the website, using various services, and the process of interaction between both the users of the website and TripAways experts. These rules were made to create the safest and the most comfortable working atmosphere for the users. These rules are constantly updated depending on various cases and situations in the company, as well as using the feedback and comments from our users.


As a result, the current version of TripAways rules is a set of provisions, which provide the easiest, the safest and the most comfortable working environment, allowing the user to benefit from the vast choice of services provided on the website. Any violation of these rules will result in the permanent ban on the user’s account and further refusal in the access to the services.

General TripAways rules are used to outline the main requirements and conditions of interaction between the users, as well as to provide the overall safety and solve any issues and disputes.

General TripAways rules for the owners, guests, and employees of the company

  1. Safety of each and every TripAways user is the main feature of this service and has a higher priority than economic profits of all the parties.
  2. TripAways doesn’t serve as a safety warrant in the relation between the users of the system; however, our rules are intended to minimize the level of risk in such relations.
  3. All TripAways users have to be polite and respectful to each other. 
  4. It’s not allowed to use any kind of discrimination against other users, involving their gender, age, language, religion, and race or skin color.
  5. The administration of the website reserves the right to block any account without providing further explanation.
  6. All decisions on various claims and complaints are taking according to the previous experience of the company, based on the continuous work with other users. Our main goal is to keep the highest level of services here at TripAways. Keeping that in mind, each and every decision may be uncomfortable for a specific user; however, the very same decision will be useful for the entire website and the community.
  7. All possible exceptions from the rules can be made by a special TripAways commission or a team of third-party experts. Such decisions may lead to the creation of new or adjustment of the existing rules and provisions.

TripAways rules

These provisions are also used to create TripAways rules for our partners (both legal and private entities), users, employees, and contractors. In particular, we use these rules to create our policy in the following fields:

  1. Settlement of disputes
  2. Claims and complaints
  3. Booking cancellation
  4. Requirements to the owners
  5. Requirements to the partners
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