Meeting guests

Meeting guests on TripAways


The moment of meeting guests is the most important moment for the owner. Their task is to provide the travelers who arrived at a different city with the comfortable and convenient atmosphere. In order to do that, the owner has to observe the following rules:

  1. Clean the apartment, throw all the garbage away and open all windows to bring some fresh air before the arrival of the guests.
  2. Change and wash bed sheets.
  3. Wash all dishes, as well as the bathroom and the sink.
  4. Change all the towels.
  5. Check that there’s a shampoo in the bathroom, a soap and a dishwashing liquid in the kitchen, and the toilet paper in the toilet.
  6. In case if such options are indicated in the description, the apartment has to have the paid and working internet connection, a TV, and a phone. You also need to pay all the bills to avoid interaction between guests and the workers of the official services.
  7. In case if you are waiting for guests with an animal or a kid, you need to offer additional things and services.

Meeting guests

In case if the owner is not going to live in the apartment, they have to be sure that the cleaning company or a housemaid prepared the apartment before the arrival. Furthermore, the owner needs to find a way to provide the guests with a key. They can be left at your neighbor’s home, or in a special safebox with a code.

It’s really important to remember that the process of guests meeting happens according to the schedule described at the moment of booking. The owner can meet the guests at any other time, but all such changes have to be discussed in advance. If the tourists will arrive late at night, the owner of the apartment is not obligated to meet them if they have no other place to stay.

The owner of the apartment reserves the right to cancel such booking without any explanation. We understand that all of us may face different situations. In such situation guests will receive the full price of the booking, except the service fee of TripAways; however, the owner will pay the full amount, and his rating will be decreased in the system. Both guests and owners are able to leave reviews in such situations. To tell the truth, we never faced such situations here at TripAways for now.

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