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Marketing Department of TripAways hires new specialists

TripAways is developing incredibly rapidly because we offer a convenient, useful, qualitative and demanded service, i.e. ability to live in comfortable conditions while traveling away from the home. We interact with a huge market. Each and every person travels somewhere. That’s why all the people in the world are our prospective customers. The main tasks of our Marketing Department are to work with people, talk with them, offer the best conditions, and transform them into the loyal customers.

In fact, marketers of TripAways are those people moving the entire company forward. All other departments have to react to the increasing number of guests, making new achievements and reaching new levels, while the Marketing Department is responsible for the constant increasing of the number of the users. That’s why we are constantly hiring new marketers, sales managers, and advertising experts because there are able to support the growth of the company.

Who can become a part of the Marketing Department?

Keeping in mind that TripAways is a service, we are looking for marketers who are able to expand the presence of the brand in the market. Their task is to work with advertising partners and existing users, while their main task is to increase the overall number of TripAways users.

Furthermore, we are looking for the following people for the Marketing Department:

  • Regional managers for direct sales. Their task is to find people interested in group tours and looking for accommodation for their trips. Managers are also working with companies sending their workers abroad, or making exclusive trips.
  • Offline advertising experts – who can increase the presence of the brand using various media, billboards, exhibitions, presentations and other events.
  • Online advertising experts – who bear the responsibility for the process of attracting the users in the web.

At the very same time, the Marketing Department of TripAways wants to see specialists who are not only able to represent the service in the market but also know the market and competitors, understanding which fields have to be developed at first. Furthermore, marketers have to understand the future of the market and the project in order to develop their sales and improve marketing efforts.

If you are excited about such goals and task, write us! We are waiting for you in our team!

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