How to create an accommodation description

In order to rent an apartment or a house on TripAways on a permanent basis, you need to provide the real and trustworthy information. In order to make it, you need to provide an attractive accommodation description: 

How to create an accommodation description

  1. Create a thorough description of the floor plan, interior, furniture, and all the rooms
  2. Write if the apartment is shared with the owner, or guests will be able to live on their own. In the first case, you need to write information about the rooms and premises, which will be available for guests
  3. Include information about all the amenities and advantages: a shower, a bathroom, a balcony, a home cinema, a yard and a terrace, a BBQ zone, a baby crib and other amenities for kids. The more advantages you indicate, the easier is to rent the apartment out
  4. Please include information about all household equipment, its state, and working condition. In the majority of cases guests need a fridge, a cooking panel, and a washing machine; however, the additional devices will make your offer even more attractive
  5. Write about the residential complex. Is there any security system? What about an elevator (In case if the accommodation is not on the first floor)? Where is the nearest playground for kids?
  6. Write about the area, including the distance to the nearest attractions, public transportation, supermarkets, and markets
  7. Don’t forget to indicate your personal requirements to the guests. You are able to write that you will host only couples or women. You may prohibit smoking, pets, animals and create other rules. Try to add all the requirements in order to avoid unwanted guests
  8. Add at least 5 photos showing all the premises, the balcony, the views from the windows and main amenities (in the bedroom, bathroom, and other locations).

Your description has to be accurate and trustworthy. Don’t try to use imaginary things in order to attract guests to the apartment. In case if the guest is disappointed, you will get a bad review, which will make it really hard to attract new tenants. We reserve the right to ban the ad if you received several negative reviews. 

Here you will find a couple of tips for the accommodation owners in order to write a description the will help to rent the apartment or the house faster using all the features of TripAways

At the very same time, you don’t need to be shy. Indicate all the advantages of the apartment. Show them a place that you can offer, and make them book it without thinking twice!

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