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Tips for using the Tripaways website

Home owner How to become a better host?

Simply posting a rental ad on our site is certainly a good start, but there are features of publishing an ad that will show your application more often and above the rest. To achieve frequent viewing, complete your ad with the following items:

  • Fill in all sections of the ad, the information should always be up to date;
  • Describe the accommodation in detail, tell us about the amenities and uniqueness of your accommodation;
  • Upload high-quality photos, based on them, a potential guest will get a good first impression when searching for accommodation.
Guest How to have a great trip
and get an unforgettable experience?

Any trip can be turned into an unforgettable, wonderful vacation - the most important thing is preparation for it, and one of the main conditions is renting a house. In order not to get lost in the variety of ads, we recommend using the following rules when searching for ads:

  • Use search filters to help you find the type of accommodation that suits you;
  • Study the ad and reviews well, read the description carefully, look at the location on the map, look at the photos, study the requirements - this will undoubtedly help you make a choice and help you avoid problems in the future;
  • Add ads to "Favorites", "good is known in comparison" - add ads you like to "Favorites", and then choose the best for yourself.

Home and guest safety

Our experience and practice show that it is enough to observerules for hosts and rules for guests, to ensure safety. However, unforeseen cases can arise, for completely different reasons, which arise due to the actions of both parties. Therefore, we recommend that you follow a few rules while traveling, which will surely save you from getting into unpleasant situations.

Questions about payment and fees

Find out more about what is included in the price of the booking, how the price is calculated and what payment methods are available. What happens if the booking is canceled and will you be refunded for it.

  • Frequent queries

Features of rental housing in different countries

Renting an apartment abroad is always difficult. Features of local legislation may differ significantly from the laws of the native country, and there is a risk of encountering overwhelming difficulties if you do not find out in advance the details of the transaction.

Therefore, Tripaways has taken care of guests and homeowners, highlighting the specific features of renting in different countries.

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