Searching for accommodation on TripAways

It’s pretty tiring to browse all the listings offered in a region or even in a city. That’s why we created convenient multilayered filters for searching of accommodation.

First of all, you need to choose a city of a place to stay. After that, you need to indicate the number of guests, and the dates of your stay, clicking ‘Search’. The system will find all the relevant listings, keeping the booking calendars in mind.

Searching for accommodation

After that you are able to use additional filters, choosing the type of accommodation, filtering offers by rating or by their price.


Additional filters

The process of searching for accommodation can be even easier when you use additional filters. By choosing this section, you can select the most important parameters, such as the number of bedrooms and beds, WiFi access, kitchen, cable TV, elevator, parking etc…

Be aware that additional filters will remove all the options without required amenities, leaving you the list of fully corresponding objects.

Additional filters

We are striving to make the process of searching for accommodation as simple as possible. Sometimes you can find the place of your dream by adding or removing various filters. That’s why the list of the filters can be amended from time to time.

After making a selection you need to look at the photos, read the description of accommodation and area, and find it on the map.


How not to lose a listing while searching for accommodation?

In case if you like an option, but you want to see other offers, you can add it to Favorites in order not to lose. Later you will be able to compare all saved offers, being able to choose the best one, and book it.

Searching for accommodation

In case if you have any questions, you can address them to the owner and wait for the answer. You will get a notification to your email when the owner writes an answer.

Searching for accommodation is a kind of creative process. For example, by choosing 2 guests instead of 1, you will be able to see spacious apartments, which can be even cheaper than other offers. At the same time, you can choose a studio for one guest, which has several couches, write to the owner, and ask to stay there with your beloved one or friends. By doing so, you will save a lot of money in case if you don’t plan to stay in the apartment throughout the day.

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