General hospitality rules om TripAways

Guest accommodation rules

The hospitality is one of the key characteristics of the accommodation owners on TripAways. The overall compliance with hospitality rules defines the number of guests and the amount of income from the rental business.


On TripAways, the hospitality means the readiness of the owner to provide the maximum level of comfort for the guests during their stay in the apartment. The comfort includes several key elements, which will be different for each specific guest. Keeping in mind that we never know what to expect from each and every guest, the owners are recommended to follow the general hospitality rules, which allow satisfying all the demands in the majority of cases. These rules affect not only the stay in the apartment but the process of communication before and after the booking. Let’s look at them in the respective order.

General hospitality   General hospitality rules om TripAways


Creating the account

Mutual respect and open approach to TripAways start from the process of account creation in the system. Your account is the virtual representation of you, and it has to be attractive and interesting for other users. The more information you provide about you and accommodation, the easier guests will make new bookings.


We kindly request you to offer the following information in your profile:

  • Your hobbies and interests
  • What you can offer in addition to the accommodation (maybe you can make a tour, or take guests somewhere)
  • Things you like and avoid – in order to find the like-minded guests

It’s really important to upload a real photo because people like to interact with the users, who are not afraid of showing their real face.


In other words, the detailed profile is the most important asset that allows other users to make a decision on the booking and the accommodation.


It’s strictly prohibited to mislead other users by your profile. It’s not allowed using someone’s photos, write imaginary things (higher education, participation in the events), and use fake names and surnames. Such information is not relevant, and people don’t like liars. You won’t be a great host by being dishonest with them.


Apartment description

Similarly, the description of the apartment has to be open and clear. Just imagine that you need to answer the following question: “How good is your apartment?” A real and open owner will tell all the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment in order to allow guests creating a full image of the apartment or a house.


We recommend adding as many photos as possible, including shots of the furniture and household appliances. By doing so, you will answer potential questions of your guests without the need of talking with you and saving their time.


No doubt that the description of accommodation shall not contain misleading information about the pros and cons of the apartment, as well as images of different objects. The guests will be disappointed, and you will get bad reviews. 

The principles of hospitality in TripAways are used to create the comfortable atmosphere for the guests, who want to stay in the apartment. In order to follow them, the owners need to remember about several rules, which are not really complex, yet proven to be efficient by TripAways. Such rule will guarantee that guests will come to your place again and again.

Working with the requests

Hospitality rules mean that the owner is able to answer the questions of the prospective guests in 24 hours. The thing is not to ignore the user. The people can’t wait for more than a day in the majority of cases. Usually, if the guest has no answer within a couple of hours, they will choose another option.


We implement no rules for the terms and principles of communication, but we recommend using an open and clear way of communication like with your good friends.


Obviously, it’s not allowed to offend the users and use obscene words in the communication.


Booking confirmation

On TripAways the owner of the apartment can confirm the booking request, as well as reject it. The rejection is not something bad, but the fewer cancellation one has, the higher is the rating among the prospective guests.


It’s not recommended to cancel the booking after the confirmation in all cases. By doing so, you can create a lot of problems for the guests.


We kindly request you to process booking requests as soon as possible because guests may be confused, and they will lose a lot of time trying to sort things out.


In the majority of cases, the owner shall give an answer in 2-3 hours.


Preparing the apartment for guests

Hospitality rules on TripAways define that the apartment has to be cleaned before the arrival of guests:

  • All floors have to be washed
  • All carpets have to be vacuumed
  • The bed sheets have to be fresh and changed after the previous guests
  • There has to be a set of clean towels
  • The bathroom and the toilet have to be clean
  • There has to be no garbage
  • All systems have to be in working condition

It’s recommended to leave at least three hours before the departure and arrival of guests in order to make all these things. In case if you hired someone, you need to leave a period of time that is sufficient to prepare the accommodation. 


Hospitality rules at the moment of check-in

The owners on TripAways can meet their guests at the airport, at home, or choose a distant check-in, using a code or someone from the administration of the hotel. In all these cases the owner has to provide the highest level of comfort for the guest during the arrival:

  1. Explain how to reach the place
  2. Tell about various options to get there: by taxi, by public transportation, by foot and so on, allowing guests to choose the best of them
  3. You need to make the process of keys passing as smooth as possible; the guests shouldn’t go anywhere to collect them
  4. Show the apartment, explain how to use everything, and ask if there’s any question left

In other words, it shall take around 30 minutes for guests to get used to the new place. Everything else depends on you.


Helping guests during their stay

Irrespectively to the process of rental, the owner has to create comfortable conditions for guests, while all the issues have to be solved almost immediately. In order to make it, the guests shall be able to contact the owner or a representative at any moment in time. This is extremely important in cases when the owner doesn’t live in the same place.


If guest is staying on a long-term basis, the owner has to provide cleaning services and approve the schedule with the guests. 

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