General website rules and policies

This article contains a short description of general website rules and policies of TripAways and gives definition to the main parties of the process.

TripAways platform is an online marketplace that allows accommodation owners (or their legal representatives) from all over the world register in order to publish listings of their real estate for rent. In fact, TripAways is an online intermediate, which creates connections between the owners and travelers, who want to rent accommodation.

So, the main parties to the process are:

  • Owner of accommodation or their legal representative
  • Tenant interest in accommodation rental (tourist)
  • TripAways – a platform created to connect the parties (the owner and the tenant).

TripAways doesn’t own the real estate offered on the website, having no control over them, and not managing them. The owners bear full responsibility for the listings published on the website. By making a booking on the website the user comes into agreement with the owner of accommodation. TripAways shall not be considered as the part of the agreement, and it doesn’t work as an agency or an insurance company. According to website rules and policies, the owner and the tenant are able to choose the most convenient way of cooperation on their own.


Website rules and policies: user roles

The platform offers the same level of convenience for both tenants and owners. Furthermore, each and every user of the platform is able to be the owner and the tenant at the very same time, i.e. listing their apartment on the website, and book accommodation of other users.

Website rules and policies not only allow such behavior but support it in all possible ways. Our users are not obligated to select only one role. We kindly invite active users, who want to be a tenant and an owner at the same time.


Website rules and policies: listing quality

TripAways requires the owner to publish only trustful and real information about their accommodation. However, the system shall not guarantee the quality of accommodation and correspondence between the description and the real situation. As a result, the system bears no responsibility for the violation of this rule by the user.

In case if the listing contains fake photos, and the apartment has no amenities mentioned in the listing, the tenant is able to leave a negative review, and contact the website administration. After receiving several complaints, we reserve the right to ban the user and delete the listing from the system without any chance to revoke such actions.

In order to improve the number of impressions, the description of the listing may be translated into several languages. TripAways bears no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of such translations. The users are able to publish information about their accommodation on other websites. The owner has an exclusive right to decide how to search for tenants.

Kindly note that the full and thorough description containing all the requirements to the user, as well as the detailed booking calendar, are the key to successful agreements and positive reviews.

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