Development department

Development department of TripAways is the core of the company. Our programmers create the added value of the company that supports the development process of the company. The current scale of TripAways doesn’t allow us simply hiring more managers to process all the bookings and requests from the user. Our main task today is to develop innovative technical solutions, which will allow solving the most basic and popular problems in the field of tourist in the shortest timeframe with the minimum level of resource allocation and the highest level of quality.

Keeping in mind that we need a creative approach to solve our problems, we invite talented specialists to join our development department in order to generate new ideas and implement unique solutions, which will be both simple and efficient. We are not looking for coders who are able to write something for the project. We want to work with people who know how to understand the task and are able to find the solution on their own.

the development department of TripAways

Development department – our growing point

Our programmers work really fast. That happens not because we push them, but because we know that all genius solutions are simple, and they don’t require long approval that takes a couple of weeks. Furthermore, these days TripAways is focused on the final product and the result. We don’t want our employees to simulate work. They are interested in the process of ready solution development.

Furthermore, we have a set of our proprietary software products, which make the process of development, testing and hypothesis checking simpler. We use them in addition to the official programs, which are the most convenient solutions to solve the most basic problems according to the opinion of the majority of programmers.

According to our practice, the more efficient our development department is, the faster is the growth of the company. That’s why now we are making everything to improve the overall efficiency of our programmers, creating the best working conditions for them in order to increase the number of our employees by attracting high-class experts.

No doubt, all programmers are constantly developing their skills, participating in various educational events. We have a lot of discussion in TripAways where each of our employees is able to talk with their colleagues, asking the entire department for help. The brainstorm gives astonishing results. That’s why you can be sure that here in TripAways you will be the first to know about the latest trends and modern technologies.

Today we are hiring:


  • PHP-developers
  • Layout designer who's an expert in HTML and CSS, and know how to work with APIs of various social networks.
  • Java-Script-developers
  • MySQL specialists
  • Data protection and network security specialists

In case if you can’t find your profile on the list, but you are sure that you are able to help TripAways, contact us right away. We are looking for real talents, and you may be the first who will start a new vector in TripAways.


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