Security deposit for apartment rental

Some owners want to protect themselves being worried about the safety of their belongings, thus using the house or apartment rental deposit. According to the rules, the owner is able to use this amount in case of damages to the belongings of the owner, as well as to the apartment itself.

In order to avoid any disputes, i.e. when the owner wants to use deposit without having any legal reasons to do that, it’s recommended to meet the owner before the departure, or take detailed photos of accommodations.


Is the apartment rental deposit worth it?

Each and every owner is able to decide if they want to use the apartment rental deposit. However, this deposit can be used to cover expenses in case of any damages or intended property abuse. Cases, when guests draw something on the walls or leave a giant burn on the carpet, are extremely rare, while small damages can be found pretty often. In the majority of cases, they appear as the result of indiscretion. The deposit is the best way to avoid scandals, and cover your future expenses in advance.

Many owners of accommodation are afraid that the deposit may scare the tenants. However, responsible people won’t be afraid, while you should avoid irresponsible at your home.


What is the process of financial cooperation?

During the booking of accommodation on TripAways, the tenant pays the entire amount after the confirmation of the owner. Irrespectively to the check-in date (in 3 days or in 3 months), we hold the entire amount and transfer it to the owner only within 24 hours after the planned check-in time.


Talking about the apartment rental deposit, it’s worth noting that the tenant is not obliged to pay it in advance. The tenant will receive an invoice when the owner sends a corresponding request to the system. The owner has to file a complaint within 14 days after the check-out time, providing photos and receipts.


The apartment rental deposit shall not be paid in cash at the check-out time. Such behavior violates the rules of TripAways. All complaints shall be filed to the Dispute Center, while the user is able to provide arguments in case if they don’t accept the complaint of the owner. 

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