Customer Support

TripAways Customer Support is a department of the company that helps our user as to book accommodation in a convenient, fast and secure manner, as well as to check-in and enjoy their stay. Our Customer Support is ready to solve virtually all questions, in particular:

  1. Helping to find an apartment
  2. Consulting our customers during the booking process and payment procedure. Our managers are always ready to resolve any financial issues related to accommodation booking through the website
  3. Harmonization of the period of stay
  4. Settlement of disputes
  5. Changing accommodation and moving to another apartment during the booking period
  6. Legal formalization of the rental
  7. Any additional services: ordering food, control and maintenance of accommodation (for owners)
  8. Helping in case of technical issues in the system.

In fact, the main task of Customer Support is to make operation of the system as easy and convenient as possible for all the users. In order to reach this goal Customer Support managers are not only communicating with the users, answering all their questions and taking required actions, but also strictly controlling all the inquiries, giving feedback to our engineers, code writers and managers. Such complex approach allows us to develop the level of quality and eliminate any discovered problems after their first appearance.

In order to contact Customer Support the user has just to write their question or describe their problem in the chat window located in the right bottom corner of the website. During working hours our managers will answer you in a matter of minute, providing a solution for your problem or forwarding your request to a profile specialist.

Before contacting Customer Support we kindly request you to check the list of Frequently Asked Questions on the website. There’s a high chance that your problems have been already solved before and the mentioned section contains full information about your following actions. In case if you ask such question in out online-chat, or managers will just give you a link to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

Before going to Dubai we recommend you to save Customer Support phone numbers and take them with you. Our managers are ready to assist not only during the booking process, but even throughout your stay in Dubai when you need to understand where to go, how to explain the address to a taxi driver or solve any other questions related to your travel. Please note that Customer Support phone numbers indicated on the website can be used not only to make calls, but also to send messages via Viber or Telegram.


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