Contact the owner

There are several ways to contact the owner of accommodation on TripAways:

  1. Ask a question on the accommodation description page
  2. Write a personal message from the owner’s profile page
  3. Use any other means of communication indicated in the profile of the owner.

The administration of TripAways never hampers direct communication between our guests and accommodation owners. According to our experience the majority of customers is ready to work only directly with the system in order to make a secure booking and a guarantee that they will spend a holiday in the same apartment that was booked on the website. Thus, even if the guest it contacting the owner directly in order to clarify various issues or ask some questions, they will still make the final booking on the website.

Don't forget that in majority of cases accommodation owners are allowing our company to control and rent their apartments out. That means all questions about rentals and maintenance of accommodation are solved by managers of TripAways, thus our guests have to communicate with our staff. In such situations you can address all your inquiries to our online-chat on the website among other communication means.

Please understand that many accommodation owners are not ready to answer your inquiries immediately. That it one of the main disadvantages of direct communication with the owner: you will not get immediate responses to your questions, as if you worked with your personal manager. At the same time, the most efficient and rapid way of communication is calling by phone, while the less rapid one is the personal messaging system in the owner’s profile.

In case if you send your question to one of TripAways managers via online-chat, Skype or by phone, you will get your answer in just 1 minute during working hours.

Anyway, in case if you decide to write a personal message through the website, an adequate time for the answer is about 1-2 days, but not longer. In case if the owner has no time to answer you in the mentioned period, there’s a very high chance that they will not answer you at all.

It's worth noting that many of the owners publishing information about accommodation on TripAways are not really owners, but agents acting on behalf of the owners. That means such people are not always ready to answer all the questions of guests.

TripAways thoroughly checks all the accommodation offers added into the system, thus we can guarantee high level of safety and reliability of the booking process even in situations when owners are not responding your requests. However, in order to be totally sure in your booking, we recommend you to book apartments directly controlled by TripAways. You can easily find such accommodation, because the profile of the owner will be marked with the logo of our company. Furthermore, while searching great offers one can set our filter to show only apartments directly controlled by TripAways. All questions and problems related to rental of such apartments can be solved in a matter of minutes.

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