How to choose an apartment or a house

We strive to make everything possible to allow you to choose an apartment on TripAways using their listings. Nevertheless, in case if you need to clarify something, and contact the owner, you can send him or her a message. You can also contact TripAways managers from your country using the online chat feature.

While choosing a house or an apartment, please pay attention to the following moments:

  1. If the owner stays in the apartment or not
  2. The number of the rooms
  3. The interior – it can be easily seen on photos
  4. The rental prices
  5. The availability for the chosen periodOwner requirements, e.g. if it’s allowed to smoke or live with animals and kids.

You can predefine some of these parameters using the system of filters in the desired city. Nevertheless, we recommend choosing more apartments from the list. Imagine that you are trying to find an apartment in a specific area of the city, but you can’t find anything. In case if you widen the searching zone, you will be able to choose an apartment right across the road from the desired block, having all the required features. The same principle works with the prices too. Maybe you won’t be able to choose an apartment or a villa for the mentioned price, but by just adding $10 or $20, you will be able to find the apartment of your dream.

You can also contact the owner in order to ask all the questions and ask for a discount. The owner of the apartment is able to send an invoice for the agreed amount. Thus, you have a chance to save some money.

While choosing the object, always look at the description and requirements of the owner. In the majority of cases, owners indicate the most critical requirements for their guests.

TripAways managers are always here to help you. Sometimes it can be necessary when you are not able to find an apartment for the chosen period. The manager will help to choose an apartment or a house from our partners, using a phone or a chat. They will answer all the questions and complete the booking on your behalf.

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